Monday, June 13, 2005

What's the hot automotive color palette for the next presidential election year?

from"Harvest Season for the '08 Car Colors" -
The New York Times -
13 June 2005
"And the new crop is in - the 08's are already in the can, so to speak. They are the new blues that are verging into purple; after years of silver and gray and other noncommittal tones, blues are coming back strong, said Christopher Webb, color trend manager for General Motors."
It's what I've been saying all along,


Fixer said...

From an insider in the automotive industry: Half the colors stay the same, they just rename them every year. This year's 'stone' is last year's 'chocolate'.

True Blue Liberal said...

My last two cars (the only cars I've owned since 1985) have been black, so I'm not a big follower of such things.

I used to paint houses when I was in college though. We always got a big laugh out of the number of names for blue, and the number of times the names changed.

DBK said...

Is there a color called "cheap", cause that's what my next car will be. Is there color that gets better mileage, cause that's the other thing about my next car.

30 MPH isn't good enough anymore.

But I get your point, TBL. Blue. Blue states. I think we're stuck with that division for a long time to come, now.

alan s said...

The Blues what Liberal Democrats have been crying about for six years now. With your Downing Street Memo going nowhere. Howard Dean putting his foot in his mouth all the time. With the new Hillary Book about to show really how bad Bill is. Life is good for Republicans.

Fixer said...

Is there a color called "cheap". . .


DBK said...

Hey, my car is already white.

It is also a POS. I had to get a new one quick, so I didn't research as heavily as I normally would.