Friday, June 17, 2005

Downing Street Memo by the numbers -- update & more good news

One of my favorite activities during this period of emphasis on The Downing Street Memo has been to check for three stories. Here are the results from 9:00 pm edt on 6/17/05 compared to my first check at 8:15 am edt on 6/2/05:

"Downing Street Memo" -- 1,560 hits, many now from major mainstream news outlets (Way UP from 288 hits, only one from a "major" source, and that source was FOX News[!!] on 6/2; most of the hits were from news blogs and activist sites in that first check of Google News).
"Runaway Bride" -- 2,930 hits (DOWN from 5,260 hits, and at least a few of of the new stories are about a Runaway Bride in Kenya, not our runafuckingway bride).
"Michael Jackson" -- 42,100 hits (UP from 21,400 hits, but the percentage of increase[not even doubled] is nowhere near the rate of increase for the DSM over the last two weeks) .

Hey Kids! Have Fun! Click on the links yourself for an update of the totals! I hope everyone remembers the feeling at the beginning of the month when we thought the mainstream media outlets might not ever catch on to the importance of the memo. If some in the media and the Righty Blogosphere are anxious to blame the Liberal Blogosphere for stirring up interest in the Memo, we should be willing to accept some credit for the dramatic developments of the past week, remembering, of course, that it's only the beginning.

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Fixer said...

We have power and this week proves it. Now it's a matter of keeping the mometum going.