Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Shape of the Right-Wing Response to The Downing Street Memo

It may not be as bad as Tom Tomorrow's vision of Jeffrey Dahmer as a Right Wing Pundit, but I have received some responses about The Downing Street Memo in my recent Comments from those who appear to be somewhat to the right of the Big Brass Alliance. These excerpts should give a sense of what we might hear if the mainstream media ever does pick up the ball and start running with it (admittedly a big if):
"A British Memo about President Bush. No one but Liberals believe this. This is the Dan Rather,Newsweek report in Britian. Stop hating America so much. Your love of George Soro's only goes to show you hate America. Why would you take what a true Nazi like Soro's is and run withit. He compares all Republicans to Nazi's even though he is a card carrier himself." [emphasis added, it was hard to resist adding sics]
Among the grammatical errors, I'm especially impressed by the superfluous apostrophe in Soros (toward whom I've never expressed an opinion one way or the other in this blog, but he's obviously a Fox and Limbaugh whipping boy).
And another:
"Another Newsweek, Dan Rather hatchett Liberal Media Job. Move On.Org yeah thats a credible place. Lets see people said Swift Boat Vets truthful. Move On .Org big piece of manure. Bush win re-election Kerry crybabies keep crying." [emphasis added]
I could not have written a better parody myself. On the other hand, we have to get it on the mainstream media first before these rants are heard through the land. The status of that effort is still in doubt.

One of my favorite activities during this period of emphasis on The Downing Street Memo has been to check for three stories. Here are the results at 8:15 est this morning:
"Downing Street Memo" -- 288 hits, only one from a "Major" source, and that source is FOX News!! A quick scan shows that most of the hits are from blogs and activist sites.
"Runaway Bride" --5,260 hits, "168 related" in the top major news story category, and a quick flip through the pages and pages of hits shows that most are from mainstream media outlets.
"Michael Jackson" -- 21,400 hits, "967 related" in the top major news story category, and a quick flip through the pages and pages and pages and pages of hits shows that most are from mainstream media outlets.
Hey Kids! Have Fun! Get Depressed! Click on the links yourself for an update of the totals! Does anyone doubt that this is a media problem even more than a problem with our government? Does anyone doubt that The Downing Street Memo would be a major issue for Americans if its contents were as well known as the Runafuckingwaybride's eyes and Michael (whose-last-hit-was-in-the-past-century) Jackson's nose?
Just asking,
True Blue Liberal


Anonymous said...

I mentioned this whole thing to my sister, who is an avid news watcher (watcher, mind you) this morning, and she had no idea what I was talking about. When I began to describe it, she was of course furious, and I directed her to the BBA.

These are the people we need to reach, but I'm worried it will never be reported on television news, other than to be debated by pundits, and ultimately dismissed.

True Blue Liberal said...

I just double checked my searches at 3:30 pm est. Seven hours after my initial post, Downing Street Memo has 295, or 7 more hits, Runaway Bride has 600 more and Michael Jackson has 700 more. So, no, it's not surprise that people aren't informed, whether they're news watchers or news readers (but it is a crime).

alan s said...

You guys don't get it. This memo is fake like Dan Rather's info. Dan never admitted to anything either. Now he will be hitting the unemployment line. You guys hate GWB so bad you believe anything. I'll start a BS Rumor you can spread. God hates Bush. John Kerry another credible source didn't we already reject him. He said on Tim Russert's show he would release those medical records. It's been over 4 months now. Where is your post about Kerry lying?

True Blue Liberal said...

Alan, I'm glad you brought up Dan Rather, because NO ONE has yet effectively challenged that GWB was AWOL from a cushy stateside assignment while giving lip service to another war of dubious morality (can you say hypocrisy?). But attention was diverted from that fact by a few documents of dubious authenticity that were NOT central to the argument. Now I feel that there is a document of incredible worth in our national debate about war and peace, a document whose pedigree is not in doubt, and media are ignoring it.
John Kerry can lie about medical records, his sex life, his war record, his hair color, and whether or not he ever kissed Jane Fonda or fondled the Runaway Bride or slept with Michael Jackson and it doesn't matter in the least (and anyway, where's your Purple Heart?). We, the American People, should never be neglected when it comes to deciding issues of war and peace. I have a son approaching draft age, so this is deadly fucking serious to me.
This Memo needs to become part of our national dialogue.