Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The new TBL Poll of the Week is Up! What's the most likely ultimate reaction to the Downing Street Memo?

Here's the brand-new Big Brass Alliance Edition of the TBL Poll of the Week. Vote here or in the sidebar:

What do you feel is the most likely result of the Downing Street Memo?
Impeachment of the President
Serious Congressional (and/or independent government) investigation
Quick Congressional (and/or independent government) whitewash
No Congressional action despite intense media pressure and interest
No Congressional or Mainstream Media interest
No immediate effect, but a keystone in the historical legacy of the second Bush
A blip in the blogosphere and a minor footnote to history
The What Street Memo? Never heard of it.

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See last week's poll here. You can still vote for the most appropriate name for our opponents on the right (at 9:30 on June 1, Radical Republicans leads with 24%, Neo-Conservative and Regressive are tied at 16%, Illiberal has 12%, Reactionary and Fundamentalist have 8%, and Red State, Right Wing, and Conservative are tied with 4% -- one commenter wrote in Asshats).


Francesca said...

As much as it pained me to do so, I voted for "Quick Congressional (and/or independent government) whitewash."

Anonymous said...

I did the same... I've just lost faith in Bush being held to any sort of accountability...

I'm hoping desperately that I'm wrong.

True Blue Liberal said...

Dear Paul & Francesca, Don't feel bad. After the first fourteen votes, you two are actually among the most optimistic. Short Congressional whitewash is the best anyone is hoping for so far. The majority expect no Congressional action and many expect the press to ignore it too. Let's hope we're all wrong. After all The Downing Street Memo(repeat often and loudly) made Fox News today. And MoveOn is on the case. Maybe the Big Brass Alliance really is upping the volume on this a little. I intend to keep it up until a better weapon comes along.

alan s said...

Another Newsweek, Dan Rather hatchett Liberal Media Job. Move On.Org yeah thats a credible place. Lets see people said Swift Boat Vets truthful. Move On .Org big piece of manure. Bush win re-election Kerry crybabies keep crying.