Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Little Known Fact: White Nationalists refer to themselves as "Whiners"

There are too many syllables and letters in "White Nationalism" for most white nationalists to keep track of, so within their pale brotherhood they are fond of calling themselves "Whiners" to identify themselves to fellow white nationalists.

When America's most famous and "Most Fabulous Whiner" was asked by PBS NewsHour White House reporter Yamiche Alcindor today about white nationalism, he interrupted her and "whined" about her "racist" question (even though he never let her complete it).

Attacking an esteemed African-American reporter as a racist was, of course, an open message to his fellow "Whiners" that he was still on their side and working in their interest.

This led me to post another True Blue Liberal Poll on Twitter earlier this afternoon. What percentage of Donald Trump's base is made up of "Whiners"?

Joni Mitchell is 75 today.

Who is the greatest English-language songwriter of the 20th century?
Discuss among yourselves.

"Sitting in a park in Paris, France 
Reading the news and it sure looks bad 
They won't give peace a chance 
That was just a dream some of us had"

I can't express how much I love Joni's words and music and voice.
I hope she's having the happiest of birthdays today.