Thursday, November 03, 2005

Sen. Kitten Killer can't ... Dr. Inside Trader so affronted he ..., or, What is it with right-wingers and their attachment to sentence fragments?

The following rant sounds like any right-wing rant on any right-wing blog, but remember when reading it that these are the published words of the Majority Leader of the United States Senate. You can click here to see the original rant on Bill Frist's blog, "Pack of Voles" (or its edited version, if he comes to his senses), but here's his whole post, without a single edit or addendum, as it appears this morning, Thursday November 3. The ellipses belong to the author, not to True Blue Liberal.
Embittered Democrats Sink To New Low
Author: Bill Frist, M.D.
November 2nd, 2005

Leave it to the Democrats to find old ways to sink to new lows ...

Today ... for the first time in more than 25 years ... Harry Reid - backed by a loyal following of obstructionist Democrats - invoked an obscure rule under which the Senate chamber can be ordered into closed session.

No vote is required.

One moment, we were talking about finally acting to get our deficit under control.

The next: closed doors. Zipped lips. No C-Span.

Everything secret.

Why did he do it - and why does it matter?

This was, at best, a political temper tantrum.

But more likely ... a feeble attempt to give purpose to a party with no agenda.

A tactic of the weak ... a tactic of a party with no convictions, no principles, no ideas.

Look ... it's no secret that Washington has been tense lately over numerous political issues, but this can be healthy.

To debate is democratic ... a sign of progress ... a means to a resolution.

What was done today is anything but ...

It was an affront to the Senate; it was an affront to the American people; and it was an affront to the principles of democracy.

This political stunt, in truth ... reinforced the difference between US and THEM.

We - Republicans - were elected by the American people to MOVE AMERICA FORWARD.

The Democrats are content just standing in our way.

So ...

When Harry Reid and his colleagues are done pouting behind closed doors, my door will be OPEN.

Open to talk about how we're going to secure our borders; open to talk about filling the vacancy on the Supreme Court; open to talking about ending wasteful Washington spending and restoring fiscal discipline to our government.


Today's actions remind me of an old proverb:

"The man who strikes first admits that his ideas have given out."
This is the writing of a man who went to Princeton and Harvard? Besides the wingnut love of sentence fragments and CAPITAL LETTERS TO SHOW THAT HE'S REALLY REALLY AFFRONTED, please note what's missing. He never once mentions War, or Iraq, or Rove and Libby, or the White House Iraq Group, or the failures of the Intelligence Committee, or anything of substance. Harry Reid did not close the doors of the Senate for procedural reasons, or to flex his muscles. Harry Reid and the Democratic leadership were (finally) raising real questions about war and peace that affect every American. Maybe Dr. Bill should have listened to Harry Reid when the doors closed, rather than pitching public fits of pique.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Until further notice (or indictment), the phrase "Senior White House Advisor" should be globally replaced with the words "Karl Rove"

from The Washington Post, "Trial Could Pit Libby's Interests Against Bush's":
"A senior White House adviser, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss the sensitive topic, said the Bush team believes it dodged a bullet when Fitzgerald charged only Libby on Friday and then pointedly said in his news conference that the indictment should not be read as a condemnation of the war or its run-up."
Just once I'd love to see a sentence start with these words in the Post or the Times: "Karl Rove, speaking on the assumption that we would respect our 'promise' to protect his anonymity, ..." Is there ever anything that any anonymous senior advisors in any Administration (Republican or Democratic) reveals anonymously to their embedded media partners that isn't either a) a self-serving lie, or b) self-serving spin?
Just asking.
True Blue Liberal

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