Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Kansas, Bored of Education, Finds Comfort in Ancient Myths

The next step is to give astrology its equal chance in the classroom with those secular humanist heretical heliocentric theories of "astronomy." Anyone who really looks at the stars and realizes their majesty knows that they can't be uninterested in our chances in the next Kansas MegaSuperPowerball® Lottery ("ya gotta be innit to lose it!").


BigBuddhaPuppy said...

"squeezing goats' testicles to tell the future" - George Carlin

Uncle Crabby said...

Speaking of testicles, I personally put my trust only in The Flying Spaghetti Monster and His Great Meaty Balls. I have been blessed by the touch of his beloved noodly appendage. The Kansas Board of Education should just love our beliefs, as we know that it takes balls to propose such supernatural theories as science.

Ryan said...

We will now refer to all dinosaurs as "JesusHorses"