Tuesday, June 14, 2005

What is this? Good news week? - "Endangered condors soar over Arizona skies"

I hadn't know about this : CNN.com - "Endangered condors soar over Arizona skies" - Jun 13, 2005. I find it pleasantly shocking news, like the Florence Aubenas release over the weekend.
When I was a Boy Scout in Los Angeles in 1967-69 (Life Scout, Patrol Leader of Troop 118's Rattlesnake Patrol, Bugler & now a True Blue Liberal, who woulda thunk it), it was assumed that California Condors would be extinct by the 1970s or 1980s at the latest. I never saw one in the wild, despite monthly hikes and camping trips into their (ex-)habitat. But we got the banning of DDT, the creation of the EPA, and the passing of the Endangered Species Act, and look, now we have groups of 25-30 wild California Condors flying over the Grand Canyon, thanks to dem dam librul treehugger en-vi-ro-mentlists and their RINO President Nixon.
Would we have Condors in our western skies today if we had Bush, Cheney & Gale Norton in power in 1969?
Just Asking,
True Blue Liberal


hellonwheels said...

I got all excited at the headline, thinking someone, Delay, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush, anyone, was goin' down. Oh well. Condors are nice.

Francesca said...

I saw a condor near Big Sur, CA about this time last year. It was pretty amazing. I remember reading as a kid about the projects to bring the birds back--feeding hatchlings with hand puppets that looked like adult mamma condors!

DBK said...

The condor situation is one of the great success stories of the environmental movement. At one time I believe there were only about 24 California Condors left in the world and they were all taken into captivity to be bred and reintroduced into the wild in order to enhance their chances of survival. I think that's the story. Anyone have better info than me? This is all from memory of a PBS program (PBS being on the endangered list now). Anyways, I think that's the story. I am so happy to see they are doing better. The ospreys on the east coast and the bald eagle are all success stories too. Banning DDT was a big part of that. Do you know that bugman Delay actually ran for and got into Congress to fight the ban on DDT. Naturally. I remember the first time I saw a bald eagle and the first time I saw an osprey in the wild. The eagle was in Alaska. I saw a bunch of them when I was on the Kenai Peninsula. I saw the osprey when I was at Sandy Hook, NJ. He glided past me about forty feet away and maybe twenty feet off the ground when I was birding there. Gorgeous bird.