Friday, June 03, 2005

Morning Update on the News Media's Great Downing Street Memo Blackout

Here's the morning update on one of my favorite activities during this period of emphasis on The Downing Street Memo, checking for the raw number of news hits for three stories. Here are the results at 8:15 est (with a comparison to yesterday at the exact same time):
"Downing Street Memo" -- 305 hits (17 more than yesterday's 288). Most of the hits are still from blogs and activist sites, though some of the new hits are from right-wing Fox-related sites like NewsMax (preparing their followers to debunk and defame The Memo? To give it the Rather/Newsweek treatment?).
"Runaway Bride" --6,070 hits (810 more than yesterday's 5,260 hits). Most are from mainstream media outlets.
"Michael Jackson" -- 23,800 hits (or 2,400 more than yesterday's 21,400 hits). But we still can't get enough information on this ex-pop idol.
Click on the links yourself for a minute by minute update of the totals. It will be interesting to see if the Conyers letter or the promised Kerry speech finally does anything to spike the numbers. Maybe it will. Maybe the fact that the right is gearing up for the debunking and the counterattacks is a very good sign.

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