Thursday, June 23, 2005

Forget the wait for the Dow Industrials to hit 11,000 / / Here's the good news about the Downing Street 2,000 barrier being broken

One of my favorite activities during this month of emphasis on The Downing Street Memo has been to check for three stories. This morning the mentions of the DSM passed another barrier: Here are the results from 8:30 am edt on 6/23/05 compared to my first check at 8:15 am edt on 6/2/05:

"Downing Street Memo" -- 2,020 hits (Way UP and rising consistently from 288 hits on June 2nd).
"Runaway Bride" -- 3,320 hits (DOWN from 5,260 hits on 6/2, though up slightly from the last report on 6/17 because of her book deal & engagement to Deep Throat. But at least a few of of the new stories are about generic runaway brides in Kenya and the Carribean, not our celebrity and soon-to-be-trademarked Runaway® Bride).
"Michael Jackson" -- 39,400 hits (UP from 21,400 hits on 6/2, but down from a high close to 50,000 right after his trial) .

Hey Kids! Have Fun! Keep checking the links. The Downing Street Memo can never hope to get as much coverage as the former lead singer from The Jackson Five, but the Runaway Bride may actually be within striking range! Will her fifteen minutes expire before the DSM loses its head of steam? We should do everything we can to keep the pressure on.

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