Thursday, June 16, 2005

They'll have the videotape; I hope they get something explosive enough for a precious Evening News slot (between Michael Jackson & the Runaway Bride)

This is from John Conyers' Blog:
For those commenters who were concerned (or hoping) that there would be a media blackout of the forum, that will not be the case. I have every major network, other than Fox, bringing cameras to the hearing. Nightline is taping the event, which I think represents a welcome development from a well respected investigative program. In addition, C-Span 3 and Radio Pacifica are carrying it live. [unnecessary emphasis added]
The hearing should be starting now. I wonder if I'll get any details from a source other than blogs.
Thanks again John! You make me proud to be an American.


hellonwheels said...

I was lucky enough to watch on C-SPAN3. Three glorious hours of truth-telling. Ambassador Wilson is a very impressive fellow as are Ray McGovern and John Bonifaz. And Sheehan was an eloquent spokeswoman for Gold Star families. The New York Times article about the event is short but generally fair.

DBK said...

Most of the on-line news organs had stories on it, including Faux News, right on their homepages. None of them made it a major headline, but I can understand that. Most of them got it right, though some are trying to slant it as a kind of protest statement by bloggers and anti-war types, i.e., the fringe. Still, they mostly mention the letter to Bush with its 560,000 signatures.