Thursday, June 09, 2005

Here's a great reminder that The Downing Street Memo is not the only piece of evidence that US intelligence was "fixed" to match our war plans | From Richard Clarke: America's Own Downing Street Memo
Clarke says that as early as the day after the attacks, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was pushing for retaliatory strikes on Iraq, even though al Qaeda was based in Afghanistan. --(CBS News, 3/21/04)
Also, the Democrats in Congress will be extremely derelict in their duties if they do not bring up the intelligence-twisting actions of John Bolton in his upcoming Senate confirmation debate, and tie those actions firmly to The Memo. The Downing Street Memo, if anything, is the simple straightforward summary by which a thousand other suspect actions can be framed. Where's the evidence of independent intelligence gathering that disproves or contradicts the observations in the memo? It starts to feel like this is another round between the true believers on both sides of the never-ending Evolution vs. Creation fight -- on one side there's a mountain of evidence and a theoretical structure to explain it; on the other side there's God (or at least the moron he talks to and uses to express his illogical and vengeful will on earth).

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