Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Depressing yes, but it's still no reason to do nothing. Mark Morford writes about the Downing Street Memo

Click Here:Mark Morford from SFGate / 6/22/05 / "Downing Street Is For Liars / Why aren't the media screaming about the latest proofs of Bush's war scams? Don't you know?":
"BushCo survived the illegal sanctioning of inhumane torture. They survived a gay male prostitute acting as a journalist. They survived Enron and Diebold and the rigging of the first election and they will survive Downing Street simply because all the people who should be on the attack about these atrocities all work for the guys who committed them." [emphasis added]
But even if nothing dramatic or definitive comes of our efforts now, there's no excuse to do nothing, because to do nothing is to do the bidding of those committing the war crimes in our name. To be silent right now is to show that you agree with their aims, and their tactics.

Here's one very positive sign from this month's activity in support of the DSM. I won't give any of the grammatically-challenged bloggers the satisfaction of linking to them here, but a quick Google or Technorati search on "Downing Street Memo" will show you LOTS of right-wing blog activity right now on the subject. On June 1st I don't think any of them even would have admitted that such a "so-called memo" from a "so-called Downing Street" even existed. Now they're looking very defensive. They're calling names and grasping at straws. Go visit some of them. Add some comments of your own to their most outrageous posts (if they allow them). It's fun and you'll find you're not alone in your commenting. After all these years of their fears and our dreams, maybe some of them are feeling that there really IS a vast left-wing conspiracy in this country.
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