Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Washington Post does a good job today of putting the Downing Street Memo into context

There's no point in summarizing this article here except to say that it makes the point that the now-famous July 23, 2003 Downing Street Memo written by Matthew Rycroft was preceded by high level British and Anglo-American meetings and Downing Street Memos going back to January 2003 at which Bush's desire for an invasion of Iraq (using WMDs and UN resolutions as a fig leaf of legality) was discussed.

This article seems well-researched, well-sourced (after all, the Post, as the owner of Newsweek, has to be more aware than most that there are rightwingnut bloggers out there searching for the next "Rathergate" of a misplaced comma that's going to collapse the whole liberal media conspiracy against their God-Anointed President), andwell-timed, with the Bush speech on Iraq coming up tonight (Here's the TBL preview of the speech highlights, so you can avoid the pain of listening to the drawling Social Security privatization pitchman on the idiot box tonight : "Good Evening My Fellow Merkins" "I'm Honored to Be Here at Fort Bragg in Front of this Uniformed Uniform Audience of Non-Liberals" "The World Changed On 9/11" "They Attacked Us" "It's Hard Work" "Salute the Brave Soldiers and Soldierettes" "We're Fighting Terrists Over There so We Don't Have to Fight Them Over Here in the Heimat ... uh, Homeland" "Support Our Troops" "July Fourth This Weekend" "Blessings of Liberty" "Flag Flag Flag" "God Bless America and No One Else" "Goodnight").
Now go read the article and forward it to someone,
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