Friday, June 17, 2005

Bloomsday was gonna be Doomsday for the TBL sidebar poll, but things are getting interesting, so it's now The Poll of the Month

I could be like the serious news channels and change my Poll of the Week to one of those important questions like CNN's poll on how long the engagement and/or marriage of Tommy Cruise and Kate Holmes will last, or whether or not the readers of True Blue Liberal prefer to watch their movies at home or in the theater (both actual front page polls on earlier today), but I'll stick with the poll that I started on June 1, because this has been a month that may go down in history as the turning point of the BushCheney era. Not only are the overall poll numbers taking a plunge, but even among the select group that visits this adorable rodent of a blog there has been a definite dramatic change (for the better) in outlook.

During the first week of this poll, the most optimistic respondents (and there were only a few of them) said that the ultimate result of the Downing Street Memo would be "Quick Congressional (and/or independent government) whitewash " and a sizable proportion of the first respondents even picked "The What Street Memo? Never heard of it." In the second week of the poll, the most popular answers by far have been "Impeachment of the President," which currently leads the overall results with 25%, and "Serious Congressional (and/or independent government) investigation". I'm anxious to see what the final results will be if I leave it up for two more weeks, until the end of Downing Street Memo Month on June 30th. For those of you who miss the Poll of the Week, I'll give you a new one (asking whether you prefer Katie Holmes to Penelope Cruz or Nicole Kidman or Tom Cruise's first wife whose name escapes me) on July 1st.
Thanks for your patience,
True Blue Liberal

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