Thursday, June 09, 2005

Pass it on! pushing for 500,000 signatures on the Conyers letter today!

Look, I know that every reader of True Blue Liberal (except a couple of wingnuts and FBI spies) has already signed the Conyers Letter, but MoveOn has placed a mass mailing behind the drive to get 500,000 signatures on the letter today, so pass on the e-mail if you got it, or pass on this link:
At 12:15 est they have 181,389 signatures and they're being added fast.
Help spread the word!

(UPDATE: At 3:15pm est they're more than halfway there with 258,000 signatures, so they're receiving them at a rate of 25,000 signatures an hour! John Conyers' server was crashing under a much lighter load than that earlier in the week.)


Francesca said...

I think it's great that Conyers got so many signatures, but what's wrong with delivering it to the White House now, as is, with 180k signatures? More can be gathered over the next weeks and Bush will have to confront this Memo sooner rather than later.

True Blue Liberal said...

They've added 20,000 signatures (up to 202,000) in ONE HOUR, so they're obviously able to handle the traffic better than Congressman Conyers' office could. This could be huge. You really get the feeling that there's a lot of pent-up frustration with this war and the lies that got us into it, from at least 50% of the American people. Getting half a million, or a million, signatures should be child's play.