Tuesday, June 21, 2005

"It's Not Dead," Frist sez of Bolton nomination (despite his medical degree, he may not be the person we want to trust on opinions of life and death)

Frist Reverses Himself on Bolton Vote, Saying He'll Try Again - New York Times:
"It's not dead," he said. "It is going to require some continued talking and discussion." [and maybe a feeding tube]
Didn't we learn anything from the Schiavo case? Didn't we learn that "Doctor" Frist doesn't have any idea what death looks like?


DBK said...

Okay, I am going to be fair here. The analogy is imperfect. Ms Schiavo was not dead. If it consumes food, it isn't dead.

And they're talking recess appointment now, which is stupid and bogus and an abuse of the recess appointment power, but that would be par for the course since what powers don't President Chauncey and his co-conspirators abuse?

shadylayne said...

And remember, don't accidentally cough or sneeze on Dr. Frist or you might give him AIDS.