Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Runaway Bride® might be fast out of the gate, but she doesn't have the stamina or endurance of the Downing Street Memo

Anyone who visited True Blue Liberal last month saw that I was haphazardly tracking three search terms on I made my first check on June 2 simply to dramatize the point that the mainstream media were totally ignoring the issues of war and peace raised by the Downing Street Memo in favor of trivial entertainment, but the trend of increased media interest was surprisingly positive all month long. This morning I logged on (after a few days of computer neglect) and saw that a seemingly impossible milestone was passed.
Here are the results from 8:00 am edt on 7/6/05 compared to my first check at 8:15 am edt on 6/2/05:

"Downing Street Memo" -- 2,310 hits (UP since last check and rising consistently from 288 hits on June 2nd).
"Runaway Bride" -- 1,630 hits (DOWN precipitously from 5,260 hits on 6/2, and continuing its dramatic fall, which can't be good news at all for all those Runaway Bride® book deals, fashion dolls, and made for Lifetime movies).
"Michael Jackson" -- 20,800 hits (DOWN from 21,400 hits on 6/2, and way down from a peak close to 50,000 right after his trial) .

Hey Kids! Take heart from this classic variation on the tortoise and the hare fable. We should be proud of our part in keeping this story alive.

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