Monday, July 18, 2005

Attention Brave Citizens of Rovemania: What Are Your Plans for Downing Street Memo Day, July 23?

Because some prominent internet service providers (notably Comcast) and spam blockers (Brightmail) have been "innocently" protecting us from many e-mails that contain the offensive term "", here is a link to events taking place on the third anniversary of the meeting whose minutes were recorded in The Downing Street Memo: "DSM Day - July 23, 2005 |". If you have your own blog, pass this link on, and mention it often between now and this Saturday.

George's ventriloquist gets his dummy to say, "The What Street Memo?" has a page about the July 23rd Town Hall Event here: "July 23 NYC: Torture and Lies - Who Is Accountable?"
I'm especially glad that Congressman Conyers is explicitly linking Rovegate to the Downing Street Memo. A push on the DSM now from those of us in the liberal blogosphere can help to connect the two and frame the issue of Karl Rove's exposure of Valerie Plame as part of the larger pattern to discredit all intelligence (like Joe Wilson's factfinding trip to Niger) that did not fit their preordained march to war. DSM Day should not distract from the push to expose Rove's crimes and an examination of Karl Rove's prominent role in selling the war through the White House Iraq Group (WHIG); attention to the Downing Street Memo at this time should simply help more people connect the dots of this story of the illegal and immoral march to a war of choice, rather than focussing only on the distracting legalistic details of "who told who what when about Valerie Plame, and whether or not she was mentioned by name".
Happy DSM Day,

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