Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The NRA should hold its convention in some state that actually voted for the Bushies.

CNN.com - "Assault weapons ban triggers NRA cancellation" - 19 July 2005. Columbus, Ohio is located in a "red state" on a technicality. Let the NRA conventioneers bring their assault weapons to Texas or Wyoming where their presence fits more closely with the philosophy of the natives and where they can ogle the lubricated barrels of each other's weapons without threat that the local constabulary will pry their semi-automatic rifles from their cold dead hands.

(There have been a lot of visitors to TBL lately, but very few of them have been commenting. Maybe THIS post will attract some comments. Gun Nuts -- yes, I mean you -- are psychologically incapable of keeping their mouths and keyboards quiet when they are told that they are using a .357 magnum to compensate for a lack of anatomical size elsewhere, or when the name of their God, Charlton Heston, is taken in vain. Charlton Heston couldn't even stop a gang of effete British apes from taking over the earth, so what good is he?)
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