Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Have the Conservatives noticed yet that their new guy John G. Roberts does not seem to fit their mold?

Where the f*** is his obligatory flag jewelry.

How the f*** are we supposed to know he's a Republican if he doesn't wear the Red White 'n' Blue® on his regulation dark lapel.

How dare he appear in an underdressed state even when he's appearing with The Fearless Leader in The White House?? These pictures are from yesterday during his introduction by el Presidente.

Does anyone have a picture of him in proper patriotic attire?

And shouldn't the justices of the Supreme Court have flags sewn onto the sleeves of their black robes?

Just Asking,
True Blue Liberal


Francesca said...

Heh heh. Funny!

My one Conservative friend thinks he is sooooooooooo handsome! Ick! We know he's a Republican by the terrible haircut, at least.

Pax Romano said...

TBL! Ha! He's wearing Red White and Blue boxers!!

Don't ask how I know...