Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Imagine the outcry if the Democrats or MoveOn or Michael Moore were to offer a cash reward leading the the indictment and conviction of Rove or Cheney - Chicago mayor subject of controversial reward offer - Jul 27, 2005: "The Cook County Republican Party is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an indictment and conviction of Mayor Richard M. Daley, whose administration has been buffeted by scandal...."
But they didn't mean it in a mean way, or a partisan way. They're just trying to perform a public service for the people of Illinois.
I'm not up on Chicago politics. I still think the current mayor's father was a prick based on my memory of the way he treated his Yippie visitors in 1968, but no political party should be putting a bounty on the head of one of their opponents. This sounds very much like my local New Jersey Republican Party, which, being similarly devoid of ideas (except to line the pockets of its corporate friends and sponsors), is screaming about nonexistent "scandals".
It is amazing that a party so afraid of leaks on a national level is trying to bribe (or create) leakers who have no interest in justice or the truth, but might be willing to share (or create) a story in order to be able to pay their rent.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking as a Chicagoan (and oddly enough, one that doesn't follow local politics that much, considering what a political junkie I am), I think this may be a big mistake. As dirty as the Mayor is, people love him. And Chicagoans don't usually fall for political bullshit. This could turn around and bite them.