Thursday, July 14, 2005

Look who wants to be the next Joe Lieberman, Guardian Of America's Youth Against Popular Culture

BBC NEWS | 14 July 2005 | Clinton wades into GTA sex storm:
As well as seeking to find out who put the content in the game, Senator Clinton wants the FTC to find out if the game has been given the wrong rating by the ESRB.
Senator Clinton also wants to find out if game stores are doing enough to stop minors getting hold of the game.
With all the crimes and violence coming out of the Bush Administration, she's worried about Grand Theft Auto? Well, if it's games you're after, then worry about this obscene, free, government-sponsored video game Senator Clinton. Worry about whether we're doing enough to stop the US Army from getting hold of minors with sleazy dishonest sales pitches.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap. I had no idea that "game" existed.

They really will try anything, won't they?

Fixer said...

I'd rather my kid see the sex than the violence.