Monday, July 25, 2005

"Here's the Church, Here's the Steeple, Open the Doors and See all the . . . .

. . . . Sheeple!"

The Culture Ghost makes the point in his most recent post that it's helpful when commenting on some of the less perceptive religious, political, and cultural opinions of our fellow citizens to have a picture of zombies or the undead on hand for illustrative purposes.
Might I make another suggestion?
Especially a flock of sheep behind a locked gate waiting for the arrival of their shepherd,
blue flightsuitwho will tell them where to go, and how to think.


The Culture Ghost said...

Violet sheep, too! Very disturbing image...surreal with a "radioactive" twist.

True Blue Liberal said...

Violet ZOMBIE sheep. Was Zappa thinking about zombie sheep when he wrote about the Zomby Woof?

DBK said...

Never trust a dental floss farmer.

True Blue Liberal said...

Poor Frank. Wouldn't he have loved being alive now in this era that seems like it was invented by the Mothers?
It's time for Billy the Mountain to take another trip across the country and straighten things out.

The Culture Ghost said...

"Billy the Mountain" is one of my favorite Zappa "pieces" (doesn't really define itself as a song as more like a performance piece).

Zappa was made for these times; it's a fuckin' tragedy he didn't take better care of himself. Yeah, I'm still a little bitter.

True Blue Liberal said...

a mountain is something
you don't want to fuck with
you don't want to fuck with
don't fuck around

[the problem with Billy the Mountain, of course, is that after you start thinking about it, you get that happy chorus stuck in your head for days ... ]
don't fuck with billy
and don't fuck with ethel
you saw what just happened
to the guy with the flies
don't fuck arooouund
don't fuck arooouund
don't fuck around
don't fuck around
don't fuck around
with billy billy billy
billy the mountain
(eddy are you kidding?)

What wonderful, original stuff is jammed into the performance before that payoff. Every time I hear it I'm sorry to hear it end. I have to go home and play it tonight.

oldwhitelady said...

That is fu*king awesome! I still need to get my zombie pix. I'm thinking of stealing yours.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that a pic of the Shrub a few Halloweens ago playing at soldier? M