Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Why do we even need answers from the puppet in a president suit behind the podium when they ask him questions like this???

This is from the first transcript of today's Presidential "News" Conference at the New York Times site:

BUSH: Did you have your hand up?

QUESTION: I did, sir. Thank you very much, Mr. President.
At the Naval Academy last week, you spoke of a midshipman named Edward Slavis, who graduated and has served in Iraq, and you quoted him as saying that the mission will be a success and, 20 or 30 years from now, historians will look back on it and consider it America's golden moment.

BUSH: Yes.

QUESTION: I'm wondering, sir, if you agree with that assessment, and if so, why?

You think it's possible that the puppet in the president suit and flag lapel pin behind the Rose Garden podium answered "No"? I didn't see who asked the question on TV, but I can only assume from the tone of the question that Jeff Gannon's replacement has finally been found.

Not surprisingly, a search of the transcript does not reveal any hits for the phrase "Downing Street Memo." More surprisingly, the Press Corpse does not seem to have asked him about major news stories like the Runaway Bride® or Michael Jackson© or Steroids in Baseball either.


Pax Romano said...

Between that and W's outrage over the Amnesty International report; we got more of the same old crap from the chimp.

alan s said...

Where were you Liberals crying about morals and saying the media sucked under Clinton. IE the Pimp as I call him. Pimp Daddy only cared about one thing and it was not Hillary,the USA or Chelsea. Watergate,Travelgate, Vince Foster suicide. The attack on the World Trade Center #1, the US Embassies being bombed. The USS Cole. Firing two missiles at the abandon factory to stop Monica gate talk. Liberals only care about right and wrong when the President is Republican.Heck you Liberals will vote for Hillary even after she told you she solve the health care crisis while she was first lady. People who hate America love Liberals.

True Blue Liberal said...

Alan, I would never ban a commenter from this blog, but I will occasionally ask them to consult the Lefty Blogger's Oath (that I lifted from That Colored Fella's Weblog). While you may have strong feelings about Bill, Hillary, and Vince Foster (Heck, what watcher of Fox News doesn't?), they are really not on the topic of the week and this entry, the Downing Street Memo, which you (and Fox News) do not address at all. What do you think about the Bush Administration leading us to a war based on lies?
Thanks, TBL

Pax Romano said...

Alan, come on man, there is no reason to act-out; agree to disagree if you must, but you and your Clinton Bashing (he's not the president any longer, have you noticed that?) does nothing to further the discourse other than turn it into a school yard style name calling match. I mean what in the Hell does Bill Clinton have to do with the Downing Street Memo?

Furthermore, can we put the political allegiances aside for a second, Alan, and ask ourselves if all of this bloodshed, death and destruction were really worth it? Do we have to claim blind allegiance to a leader even when we know; deep down, that said leader is wrong, and that said leader has sent thousands to their deaths…

Liberal or Conservative, how could either side embrace such a blood fest like Iraq is beyond me.

Oh and before you attack me; I had NO great love for Mr. Clinton either. While I did indeed vote for him, I did not feel the need to defend when he was wrong (which was often).

alan s said...

First nobody lied. You can't prove any of this. Clinton,Gore and many Democrats all said the same thing before Bush became President. You are hearing exactly what you accuse me of hearing what you want. This site has chosen to bash Tom Delay which I agree with but when I pointed out Liberals did the same TBL refused to include them in his bashing. When Glen Beck said he wanted to strangle liberals TBL bashed him. When I pointed out to TBL what Randi Rhodes did he tried to say it was just a skit not the same thing. If your going to bash one side for lying bash the other when they get caught also. Move On .Org is being used here as a credible source. It is funded by George Soro's a foreigner trying to influence who is President. Just like the Chinese did with Bill. I think we live in the Greatest Country in the World. It's to bad more people don't feel the way I do.

True Blue Liberal said...

Alan, Please let's keep the xenophobia out of this discussion unless we want to start a discussion about the Bush family and their support from the Saudis (a group also known for their leading role in a certain well-known terrorist act upon which the Bush foreign policy, and remaining popularity, is based)