Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The big lie continues, this time from our Secretary of State: "This war came to us, not the other way around."

CNN.com - Rice makes surprise visit to Iraq - May 15, 2005:
"This war came to us, not the other way around,"
she lied (failing to clearly define her esoteric understanding of the terms "came", "to", "us", "war", or "this").
"When those Iraqi missiles came whizzing over our heads in DC, Georgie . . . I mean Mr. President, made the the most important decision of his life to save lives by killing tens of thousands of Iraqis [and 1,500 Americans]. In forty-five minutes, or forty-five years, Saddam Hussein could have inflicted great intestinal damage on all our major coastal cities with tainted clouds of mushrooms, blah blah anthrax, blah blah september eleven september eleven, blah blah ORANGE ALERT BOOO! BOOOM!" she didn't add (she's saving that as her UN speech before the Iran [or North Korea or Syria] invasion).


alan s said...

9/11 as much as you Liberals like to forget about it. You made the Liberal Media take the pictures off TV. Take your head out of the toilet and watch Fox News. No Kool Aid for you but you get the TRUTH. Well they do have lying Liberal Alan Nobrain. Who gets his daily beating everyday by Sean H.

True Blue Liberal said...

Do you mean Ken Kesey Kool Aid, Jim Jones Kool Aid, or just run-of-the-mill supermarket Kool Aid? I'm not sure if I understand your reference.
Also, it's funny how the "Liberal Media" doesn't show any pictures of the human damage caused by the aerial bombardments and checkpoint shootings in Iraq either. What's your theory, that if the events of 9/11 were shown on a continuous loop we'd suspend all thought and be willing to attack anybody? I was working in Manhattan on September 11. I don't want to bomb anybody. Period.

Medbh said...

alan s --an eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind--Ghandi---
there are other ways to resolve horrible situations then to spend billions of dollars and thousands of lives on war. Especially on a war fabricated for the benefit of an administration that jumped out of an oil field. This is your money, too, alan s.
The Bush admin cares no more for you, yours, and your hard earned dollar than they do for a liberal dollar. We, red and blue, are nothing to them. The kids who lost their lives and their limbs are nothing to them.

Bush, et al, consider themselves to be an elite class for whom the drones supply the goods, no matter what those goods are.
Unless you are a billionaire, he doesn't give anymore of a fuck about you and yours than he does about the blues.
War is not the answer.

True Blue Liberal said...

Perfect Medbh!
I sometimes think that if/when those who are being manipulated by the upper classes (and their compliant media) with patriotic and religious wedge issues wake up to the ways they've been used and abused as factory and cannon fodder, those "red staters" will be more dangerous to the established order than any of us "blue staters" with our unarmed outrage and nonviolence.