Friday, May 13, 2005

Oh God! I hope no stains resembling the Virgin Mother of Jeebus were harmed in the collapse!

OK, so yesterday I wrote that you should all watch Nightline last night to see the interview with Ex-General Karpinski about Abu Ghraib. From the teasers on the Nightly News it looked like it was going to be very revealing and move the spotlight from the stupid scapegoats and order-followers at the bottom of the military pyramid.

But, I couldn't watch it, nor could anyone else in the New York area, because Channel 7 extended its 11 o'clock news broadcast to a full hour because they had such great helicopter footage of a retaining wall that had collapsed on the Henry Hudson Parkway. No one was injured, and (as far as I know from the extended and extremely repetitive broadcast with lots of dramatic aerial pictures of a pile of dirt on the west side of Manhattan), no Virgin Maryish stains were destroyed, but the local "news" broadcast made no mentions of Iraq, Afghanistan, Bolton, DeLay, the Nuclear Option, Frist, Filibusters, etc. etc. How many people use these local Crime/Fire/Sports/Weather&HumanInterest Shows for their main source of "News"? It really is all about the media and its complete and total abdication of responsibility to keep us informed.

So did anyone outside of the NYC area see Nightline last night? How was it? Or will I have to look for stories about it in the European media?

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Anonymous said...

Didn't see it, but man, I wish I had! Hopefully someone will post a review.

I just really love the headline of this post. *snicker* :D