Sunday, May 08, 2005

Axis of Faith-Based Evil Patriots for the Ownership of Clear Skies and Healthy Forests--THE POLL OF THE WEEK IS EXTENDED TO 16 May

Now, some illiberal visitors of the True Blue Liberal blog have pointed out that there are no options in the current weekly sidebar poll for "None of the Above" or "Newspeak? What's Newspeak?" or "My President doesn't deceive with language". You know what folks? It's a biased poll. I'll admit it. But I think this abuse of language is such an important issue, at the heart of the Bush Administration and modern politics in general that I'm leaving it up for another week, so vote early and often for your favorite Bushism, or add your favorites below in the Comments.

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Rainbow Demon said...

I only wish for the button which says: "SELECT ALL".

Love the blog.