Friday, May 13, 2005

TBL is Proud to Have Been Raised a Lutheran

"Air Force Chaplain Tells of Academy Proselytizing"
- New York Times - 13 May 2005 :
"Captain Morton said she had decided to step forward without authorization from the public affairs office because: 'It's the Constitution, not just a nice rule we can follow or not follow. We all raised our hands and said we'd follow it, and that includes the First Amendment, that includes not using your power to advance your religious agenda.'

She added, 'I realize this is the end of my Air Force career.'"
Please read the entire article in today's Times about this brave Lutheran chaplain and her fight against the culture of the Air Force Christian Academy and Church of Fiery Death From Above (oh, and regular and ritual abuse of female cadets) in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Not that I'd want to go back to my old church now or anything, but it does make me proud that I learned my cathechism and got confirmed in this church. Captain MeLinda Morton also serves as a great example for why the Roman Catholic Church needs to ordain women.

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