Thursday, May 19, 2005

The TBL Poll of the Week has finally changed --- You see a red door and you want to ...

I loved the last poll so much that I kept it up for more than a week, but you can still view it (and vote after the fact) for the worst piece of BushCheneyCorpNewSpeak® by clicking here. At its official closing, the results are: Culture of Life is the big winner at 42%, War on Terror got 16%, Patriot Act and Faith-Based Anything tied at 10%, Activist Judge and Axis of Evil tied at 6%, Ownership Society, Clear Skies, and No Child Left Behind tied at 3%, and no one has yet voted for the poor Healthy Forests.

Here's the new poll. Vote here or in the sidebar for the next week or so.

I See a Red Door ...
and I want to paint it black
and I want to paint it blue
and I think of hearts and flowers
and I think of Nancy Reagan
and I want to knock
and I want to be a fireman again
and I can't help humming The Internationale
None of the Above
All of the Above, and more

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Francesca said...

I guess I'm girly. When I see a red door, I think of Elizabeth Arden.

True Blue Liberal said...

See, that's the kind of input I need. I never would have known that Elizabeth Arden had a specific-color door! (Actally, I'm not even sure who Elizabeth Arden is; I hear her name and I think of the actress Eve Arden.)

Pax Romano said...

Before I even saw the choices, I thought, "I want to paint it black..." guess what I chose?