Monday, May 16, 2005

Stop Frivolous Lawsuits

Greg Palast writes on his blog: "Our story on secret US plans for Iraq's oil for BBC and Harper's Magazine has already generated two threats of lawsuits from the oil industry."
Why is it that when a group of people suffering from asbestos-induced lung cancer sues one of the tentacles of Richard "Dick" Cheney's former company it's frivolous and destructive in the eyes of our Republican overlords and their media lackeys, but it's A-OK for the purveyors of (possibly diseased) dead cows to sue Oprah Winfrey, it's OK for McDonald's to sue UK pamphleteers, it's OK for oil companies to sue anyone? These corporations have EVERY other advantage over us. The courts should be the last resort for actual people, not multinational legal entities.
Palast continues: "Our revelations on the manipulation of the US voting operations has generated more threats. We still have bills left over from our smashing legal victory over George Bush Sr.'s partners in his blood-soiled gold mining business."
It's great to know that they've won one against the Bush père, but investigative reporters and others with strong opinions shouldn't have to respond to (or worry about) these abusive suits in the first place. Their only purpose is to keep us all quiet and make us into nice little Good Germans.

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