Tuesday, May 17, 2005

"Respectable" RightWing Media® like the New York Post can run their "Holy Shiite" headlines, but the so-called liberal media takes the heat

I'm upset with Newsweek too, but only because they apologized.
Howard Kurtz in Media Notes today points out how the Right is mobilized to demonize the messenger (again), when the real problem is the fact that real crimes and human rights abuses are being committed in our name in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib and probably a hundred other concentration camps with less-leaky security systems. Released detainees have been telling the same stories about Koran abuse, so Newsweek did not make a factual mistake; it's just a case of one government source being leaned on by the Administration. Now the Right is organized and unleashed and trying to do same thing they did to Dan Rather (whose facts about AWOL Bush were never in dispute, just the Rove-supplied fake documents), blaming the Librul Meedya for reporting their crimes. Donny Rumsfeld and Condi Rice can warn us once again to "watch what we say." And while the media engages in another round of self-flagellating mea culpas, Donny and Condi are busy creating a new Saddam Hussein so we can fight the War on Terra in perpetuity.

True Blue Liberal

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