Friday, July 20, 2012

The Romney Running-Mate Anagram of the Day

Some of these anagrams -- like "Romney and Christie" equaling "Riches and Enormity" -- come so easily that they're like found objects, but  the combination of Jindal with Romney produced no such immediate unmediated gems, at least in my mind.  However, the name of the current Governor of Louisiana is mentioned so often, along with the terrifically soporific names of Portman and Pawlenty, that I needed to come up with something for this recurring anagram feature on

So here it is. Reflecting the fact that Bobby Jindal might provide a small and temporary boost and distraction for Mitt Romney's embattled campaign, this is all I've got:

"Mitt Romney and Bobby Jindal" = "A Tiny Blind Joy Bombardment"

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