Saturday, July 14, 2012

#MittsMissingReturns (Part Four) -- In a Nutshell

I owe ABC World News an apology. I stumbled upon their newscast last night when they were asking Mitt Romney about Olympic uniforms being made in China rather than asking him about his missing tax returns and I had some unkind things to say about them on Twitter.
 However, this morning I stumbled upon this report from a few days earlier -- July 10 -- in which Jon Karl lays out the issue of #MittsMissingReturns as clearly and succinctly as anyone has. Watch it:


And in case you missed the previous installments of mine on this topic, here are links to:

I'm not planning to let this die until Mitt Romney has his underlings pull his returns out of his Swiss safe deposit box. Why can't I be as dogged about this issue as Birthers were about the non-existent issue of President Obama's birth certificate?

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