Tuesday, July 31, 2012

#MittsMissingReturns (Part Eight) -- Another Lesson in Mitt's Lying Laugh

David Muir of ABC News had a chance to ask Mitt Romney about his tax returns in Jerusalem, and he phrased his question in a way that left Mitt Romney unable to answer with one of his stock phrases. Mitt's first response to the question --"Was there ever any year when you paid lower than the 13.9% [paid in 2010]" -- is what I've taken to calling "Mitt's Lying Smile" at the 0'27" mark before he lies about not knowing if he ever paid lower than that rate (or nothing).

Look at the lying smirk and chuckle again at the 0'46" mark when he explains that he wouldn't be qualified to be President if he weren't doing everything he could to take advantage of every loophole available only to the ultra-rich.
Again at 1'49" we see a more subtle version of Mitt's Lying Smile when he tells David Muir that he hasn't looked at his tax rates in previous years.
Finally, look at the commentary at the 3'40" mark.  I'm not the only person who would convict Mitt Romney if he were on a witness stand and I were in the jury box.
The Press needs to learn from this example that an original question can reveal the real Willard 'Mitt' Romney.
Viewers can learn how to spot Romney's lies (beyond the simple "his lips are moving") as we move into the season of debates and more non-Fox interviews.
His debate coaches will need to find a way to cut down on his natural dishonest smiling 'tell', maybe by asking him to imagine Seamus flying off the roof of his car whenever he's tempted to laugh.
Those of us who have been flogging the #MittsMissingReturns hashtag on Twitter over the past month need to continue pushing hard, and pushing every day.

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