Thursday, July 05, 2012

Running-Mate Anagrams of the Day

There seems to be a growing consensus among the consensus-makers of our airwaves, newsprint, and cables that  Mitt Romney will need to pick someone even more anodyne, colorless, and boring than the MittBot2012 himself as his running mate. Rising to the top of this list is Senator Robert Jones "Rob" Portman, who was the Director of George W. Bush's Office of Management and Budget (please don't fall asleep yet).

I liked the Pynchonian overtones of this anagram:
Random Entropy indeed, man. You can just feel the energy being sucked out of our political theater. There's just something very right about this to me, but then I'm someone who's read Gravity's Rainbow four times, and some people might find something wrong about that.

I also happened upon the least relevant anagram for this particular duo:
Obviously ridiculous. Not even the most dangerously hooked political addict (or pornography fiend with a bland-white-person fetish), would find this combination of automatons even vaguely titillating, even momentarily.

If the animations up above aren't working,
the first reads: "Romney and Portman" = "Random Entropy, Man"
the second reads "Romney Portman" = "Momentary Porn"

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