Thursday, July 05, 2012

A Bonus Running-Mate Anagram of the Day

Mitt Romney's July 4th march through Wolfeboro with New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte yesterday led many scribes in the stenography pool of our major media outlets to refer to the freshman Senator from the Granite State as another on the lengthening short list of Republican Vice Presidential candidates.

The ineluctable intelligence of the anagram shows that this may be a poor choice. Pairing neighbors from New Hampshire & Massachusetts (& Michigan & Utah & California & New Hampshire & Cayman Islands & Switzerland & ...) may not be the best strategy for fundraising in the GOP's deep-South and Western homes.
The day the Romney and Ayotte ticket is announced could turn out to be A Rotten Money Day.

Click on the names to catch up with previous running-mate anagrams for Pawlenty, Christie, and Portman.

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