Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Running-Mate Anagram of the Day

In a move to deflect today's news about Mitt Romney's Bain tenure, the questions raised by his missing tax returns, and his disastrous appearance before the NAACP yesterday, his campaign is floating stories about a  "surprising" Vice-Presidential choice.  The name that's popping up in right-wing blogs is Condoleezza Rice, but when push comes to shove it's hard to imagine Romney -- with his own iffy social conservative bonafides -- choosing someone who is even more liberal than he is on issues like abortion, gay rights, and immigration.

I'd like to suggest an even more surprising name in the 2012 GOP Veepstakes, a man with impeccably right-wing credentials, experience in foreign policy, and service under multiple Republican Presidents.  Mitt Romney is having dinner with this man in Wyoming tonight (no photographers allowed please).  Richard "Dick" Cheney has a new heart, he's ready to serve, and Vice Presidents are not limited to a mere two terms in office.  Plus, Dick probably knows what secrets lurk in Mitt's missing tax returns and where other bodies are buried (not that we're suggesting that blackmail will play any role in Mitt's final decision about his running mate). Surprise! This will turn the 24-hour news cycle away from Bain Capital questions.

Therefore: "Romney and Cheney" = "Deny No Archenemy"

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