Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Rafael Palmeiro's federal campaign contributions -- George W. Bush gets maximum contribution from baseball's latest steroid policy violator

Click Here: "NEWSMEAT - Rafael Palmiero's federal campaign contributions". Now that it involves one of his friends and contributors, I guess it's time for the President to show a little flexibility about steroids in the same way he's showing some flexibility about leaks of CIA agents' names.

And what's the link between prominent Republicans (Dole, Palmeiro, Major League Baseball, Nascar) and the paid promotion of Viagra? Did "Ambassador" John Bolton need such artificial chemical stimulants for his public erectile performances during his Plato's Retreat period? And is that why he's so anxious to move back to New York? Didn't anyone tell him it closed?
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True Blue Liberal said...

Here's the end of yesterday's White House Press Briefing:
Q Scott, Major League Baseball has just suspended Rafael Palmeiro 10 games for steroid use. He's a friend of the President's, and the President has spoken out about steroids. What is his message to Palmeiro, and what does that do to his friendship with him?

MR. McCLELLAN: This must be breaking news, first I've heard about it.

Q And does the President --

MR. McCLELLAN: So you're asking me his views. I haven't had a chance to talk to him about it, or see the reports. But, obviously, that is an issue that the President took head on and called on Major League Baseball to address. They are taking steps to address it. It is a serious matter, and we appreciate the efforts by Major League Baseball and the representatives of the players to move forward and address it with stronger enforcement and stronger penalties.

Q What does that do to the President's friendship with a player like that?

MR. McCLELLAN: Again, I just heard about this.

Thank you.