Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Nothing scares the party of phony phamily values more than a real mother with her grief and anger

Matt Drudge and other bloggers on the Right (and their swift-boat shocktroops who made their presence known in the comments section of my first post on Cindy Sheehan) have been quick to point to an article from 2004 in which Ms Sheehan said not-unpleasant things about the President:
"It drew on quotes from a Sheehan interview published June 24, 2004, in The Reporter. Cindy Sheehan told reporter David Henson that she and husband debated before the meeting whether to ask pointed questions about the war and whether to vent their frustration over their son's sacrifice. Ultimately, they chose not to."
So, because the Sheehans chose not to say critical things to or about the President immediately after the shock of their son's death, she is being roundly criticized by the Right for speaking out now? In the New World Order® you are dismissed whether you were against the war from the beginning ( like Conyers, Rangel, Dean, Corzine, Kennedy, Byrd and millions of others), or whether you came to that view late like Kerry and Sheehan, after the revelations about missing WMDs, or phantom yellowcake uranium from Niger, or The Downing Street Memo, or the WHIGs, or the insider books of Paul O'Neill and Joseph Wilson and Richard Clarke, or a thousand other pieces of damning evidence, large and small.
"Sheehan, in a press release distributed Monday by the Institute for Public Accuracy, explained she was 'still in shock' during her 2004 meeting with the president.
'We had decided not to criticize the president then because during that meeting he assured us, 'This is not political.' And I believed him,' Sheehan wrote. 'Then, during the Republican National Convention, he exploited those meetings to justify what he was doing. It's now clear to me that what I had feared is true: Bush lied us into war, and Casey, more than 1,800 other Americans and thousands and thousands of Iraqis are dead because of what he did.'"
Remind me never to say anything uncritical about the current President. I don't want it held against me at a later date.

The people in power in this country have built their power base on the appeal to phony phamily values among those with whom they share no real economic interests. There is no more direct attack on that base of their power than a movement of mothers and families united in real grief, in real anger, in real opposition to their anti-family anti-environmental anti-human policies.

So, what does Rush Limbaugh tell you to say about that?

update 12:56pm: The Green Knight says a similar thing much better here.


alan s said...

You didn't see the photo's that she had on her Blog and the captions witt them. These were only taken down after her flip/flop was discovered the other day. By the way her reversal was covered by only a handful of papers. The Liberal Press doesn't cover things that make their supporters look bad. AKA John Kerry.

True Blue Liberal said...

Alan, Even if she did commit the conservatives' cardinal sin of "flip-flopping" on the war because of the overwhelming evidence that the evidence was cooked (and I think the evidence shows that she didn't, but if she did), does this make her feelings any less real. Does the ability to think and feel and change your mind make your thoughts and opinions less valid than those of someone who never changes his stupid stubborn ideas and accepted wisdom even in the face of overwhelming evidence about, say, evolution? or the lack of flower tossing and kiss throwing among conquered Iraqis?

DBK said...

Alan's a little dim, TBL. You have to cut him a break. The notion that someone felt one way, then found out they had been lied to and cheated and that their son was killed for a bunch of lies, then that person's feelings changing, well, that is all a little too nuanced for his limited imagination. For Alan S., if you feel one way about something, you must never, ever, under any circumstances, change that feeling. Otherwise you might appear to have a brain in your hollow noggin. He wouldn't want people to think he had a brain. He might lose his place in the chickenhawk marching band.

afb said...


Like we just started going to her blog??? haaaaaaalllloo. Some of us have been there since the beginning. You're not tellin us anything newsworthy.

Thanks for your support True Blue.

best wishes marie

alan s said...

She removed the photo's after being revealed as a hypocrite. Only three days ago. Flip/flopping something every Liberal wants in a candidate.

True Blue Liberal said...

Alan, even though Cindy Sheehan is not a candidate for any office and there is nothing "hypocritical" about changing your mind about someone (a better definition of hypocritical is Supporting the war in Vietnam or Iraq but refusing to go yourself, or send your own children), I will give you credit for your insight "Flip/flopping something every Liberal wants in a candidate." Maybe we do want that. Maybe we do want someone who thinks with an open mind and has the ability to change their opinion in the face of facts. I'll admit the truth of your statement if you admit that "Stubborness and Blind Faith in Tradition and Accepted Wisdom are qualities every Conservative wants in a candidate." Deal?