Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Buddy Jesus comes to life in Hoboken

New York Daily News - Regional - Wink and prayer in N.J.:
Scores of faithful Christians converged on Hoboken, N.J., yesterday to get a firsthand glimpse of a plaster statue of Jesus that enraptured witnesses say opened one of its eyes.
Anthony Purvis, 11, silently stared at the statue for about 90 seconds and then turned to four of his boisterous friends and said, 'If the other one pops open, I'm going to run. I'm out of here.'
Not to be left out of the new national tourist attraction craze of miraculous underpass stains that resemble the virgin mother of god and statues that bleed and speak, Hoboken now has its own winking Jesus, and I couldn't be prouder (or, like young Master Purvis, more frightened).

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