Wednesday, August 03, 2005

In the Red Zone

Stephen Vincent, the author of this blog, In the Red Zone, was just killed in Iraq.

14 more Marines and their interpreter were also killed today.

Maybe someday someone somewhere will try to explain why we really entered on this disastrous course of action in Iraq. Someone in the White House owes more than empty condolences and apologies to the tens of thousands of close relatives of the vital young Americans who are no longer with us (we won't hold our breath for any acknowledgment by them of damage done to Iraqi citizens by this unnecessary war).


Anonymous said...

Think we'll ever even fake an apology to the Iraqis' families?

True Blue Liberal said...

No, no apology from the Bushies to any furriners (they're still mad that the US got squeamish about using Napalm and Agent Orange on the children of Vietnam).

Kyleen said...

I know how you feel. I'm tired of hearing about the countless lives this war has ruined. I only hope that someday people realize how wrong this war was and will learn from the mistakes of bush. How he ot elected to another term I wil never know. With all the information that we have, people still went out there and voted for him. They keep voting for jerks like him, we won't have a place to call home anymore.

Anonymous said...

Listen asshole, I volunteered for the Bush campaing and believe you me, there were more than a few soldiers volunteering with me. I have received pictures of Iraqis supporting US soldiers over email that you will never see in the liberal NY times.

Don't try to comment on something you don't understand. You are blinded by the left.

True Blue Liberal said...

Dear Anonymous,
Thank you for explaining, in such a nice polite way, how mistaken I am. Of course, what could I, as a non-Republican, nunderstand about serious questions of war and peace?
By the way, you might like to join Operation Yellow Elephant to celebrate with all the happy Iraqis who love Bush so much.
(... and I am not "blinded by the left," I AM the left.)