Monday, April 11, 2005

TV TURNOFF 2005 - coming up this month, beginning 25 april, so spread the word!

Get Ready for TV Turnoff Week || 25 April 2005 -- 1 May 2005
Click this link: TV TURNOFF 2005
where Adbusters is offering you a
TV-B-Gone at cost until 4/25 so this year you can turn off televisions other than your own.

Sometimes we have to remember that the source of many of our problems is the media, that they aren't going to remind us about TV Turnoff Week, and that the ConsolidatedAmericanMediaCorpse is going to continue to try (usually with great success) to marginalize any criticism. Why do they hate Michael Moore so much? Because, as anyone who saw them knows, Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 09/11 were not about guns & about bush, but about the media & about the media.

Francesca's Liberal Wingnut Corner has pointed today toward the contest over at for the "Big Media Hall of Shame". Vote for one of their five nominees or add your own. I had to cast my vote for Lowry Mays, head of ClearChannel (and if that doesn't sound like a word coined by Orwell or Aldous Huxley to describe a future dystopian government's device or drug of choice, I don't know what does) because I'm old enough to remember when radio seemed free and vital . . . and because they ran those staged pro-war rallies and gave them more coverage than the true demonstrations on the other side . . . and because his picture on the contest site looks like another made-up and hairsprayed Republican Stepford man (à la DeLay) whose brain has been given an overdose of uncut ClearChannel.

I wonder what funeral of the week we'll miss by not watching TV during the last week of this month,
True Blue Liberal


Francesca said...

Woot! Another shoutout for Adbusters, a great organization.

True Blue Liberal said...

I saw the link to them at your blog and was reminded that the TV Turnoff week has passed without a mention in the media the last few years (they couldn't be ignoring it, could they?). Anyway, I think the blogiverse or blogosphere or whatever might be a good place to start reminding people.

the urban fox said...

I've got this on my calendar and will be promoting it on my own blog too. My promotion of the last Buy Nothing Day met with some pretty hostile reactions from first time visitors, but most regulars were supportive. Let's hope this campaign will win a few hearts.