Friday, April 15, 2005

there IS a crisis (but not, of course, the one the bushies are pushing)

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Paul Krugman: "The Medical Money Pit"

Glad to see Paul Krugman back on the Health Care Crisis -- showing once again that it's only OK to waste money in this country when the waste is ending up in some corporation's bottom line. HOW MANY CRISES IN THIS COUNTRY ARE BIGGER THAN "THE SOCIAL SECURITY CRISIS"? In his next column, P.K. promises to "explain why the most privatized health care system in the advanced world is also the most bloated and bureaucratic." T.B.L., for one, can't wait. (It's also a very good sign that P.K. feels he can step away from the Privatization of Social Security in his columns; it's another hint that that battle is already being won by the good guys.)

If my name were Gallup or Usatoday and there was one poll question I could ask the American people and then publicize on front pages, it would be this one. In your family's life, which is the more immediate crisis, the cost of health care and private health insurance, or the possible partial insolvency of Social Security in 40 or 50 years? (What, too loaded? What poll question isn't?)

It's just amazing that the Democrats can't jump on the obvious Health Care Crisis for fear of being labeled "socialists" or, even worse, advocates of "Hillary-Care". If anything shows how money is able to win an argument in this country, just look at what the powers-that-be were able to do to the last half-hearted attempt to institute a little health-care justice in the US to try to catch up with the rest of the developed world. And just look at how they are able to push their own pet privatized accounts as the "solution" to a nonexistent crisis.

How quickly would health care become a crisis if Dick Cheney's government-financed 24-hour-a-day 10-person Montgomery Burns Memorial Emergency Cardiac Care Unit were withdrawn from service??

And shouldn't the Culture of Lifers support free and equal health care for all God's children before they look at bail-out schemes for the stock manipulators of Merrill Lynch??

just asking.
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