Monday, April 25, 2005

Mayors Bill and Jerry?

The mayor of Oakland, in his blog entry from April 20, weighs in on the next New York City mayoral election:
"[Bob] Kerrey's not taking the plunge, but there is always Bill Clinton. He would have a ball as mayor."
I think Jerry Brown's absolutely right. Now that his memoirs are finished and published, I think Bill Clinton would prefer the action and spotlight of (the world's greatest) City Hall to sitting in his Harlem office tower writing the sequel about life as a Senator's spouse, or travelling the world with Bush père. Maybe those of us in the New York area, and elsewhere in the country, should start a petition to encourage him. There would be a certain symmetry to the two main Democratic combatants from the 1992 presidential race -- the ex-Governor of California & the ex-Governor of Arkansas -- sitting in the mayors' chairs on opposite coasts. It would show the GOP, along with the stellar example of President Carter, what real public servants look like.

What do you think?
True Blue Liberal

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