Monday, April 04, 2005

Dump DeLay ? - A link to TrueMajority's appeal

Dump DeLay - TrueMajority

Look, we all know he's a scumbag, but do we really want the Republican Congress to boot him now? It's a tactical question. They're going to push the same agenda with or without Tom DeLay, so aren't we better off with that agenda having a hateful face as we get closer to the midterm elections of 2006?

The Republican National Convention of 2004 showed us that they will always push their last remaining moderates to the front of the stage (Rudy, Ahnold, Laura, Mike Bloomberg & George Pataki) when it's time for them to win an election. Aren't we better off if the Republicans are seen by the electorate as the party of the men behind the curtain -- the party of Tom DeLay and Dick Cheney and Jerry Falwell?

Just asking,
True Blue Liberal

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