Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Free Your Captured Eyeballs This Week!

Here we are, into the third day of TV Turnoff Week and I forgot to remind you all.

Here's an interesting quote from an article in The Guardian (April 25 | "Anti-TV guerrillas wield their new zapper"):
"For most people, TV has become a default activity. If you're not doing anything else you tend to watch TV. People become very defensive when you challenge them about it. If you sleep for eight hours and work for eight hours, people give half the rest to TV," said David Burke, the founder of the UK arm of White Dot which is organising the protest on this side [or the other side, as seen from here] of the Atlantic.

The group - named after the light circle that appears on a screen just before it goes blank - has the motto: "Turn off that TV set, go outside and live!"

Mr Burke points to the rise in the last few years of so-called "ambient" forms of television advertising as evidence of a spreading epidemic.

Supermarkets, petrol stations and even hand dryers feature televisions, he says, so you can't ignore them even if you want to.

"Television companies are facing a real problem. You go to these conferences and they're terrified about losing 'eyeballs'. The language is actually of 'capturing eyeballs'. We're offering people the chance of liberation," he says.
Do something - anything - that's not the passive reception of someone else's idea of news or entertainment.
FREE YOUR EYEBALLS from CBS ABC NBC FOX MTV & CNN for at least a week!
And thanks to Urban Fox for reminding me to remind all of you on this side of the pond.
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