Friday, April 29, 2005

He's talking about The Ownership Society again. Pass the Spitballs!

If he's not going to answer questions in press conferences, at least the mainstream TV personalities can try to make a point of their own -- something that might actually provoke him.

"Oil is going to disappear within our lifetimes or the lifetimes of our children, so how can you call trying to suck the earth dry as fast as possible an energy policy? How can you totally ignore fuel economy and conservation?"

They're like the wonky kids at the front of every classroom trying to impress the teacher with their respectful questions, concentrating on the command of details rather than any big picture. You know they've always been in the front row and at the top of their classes, telling teachers and bosses what they want to hear.

"If you're adding a means test for benefits and grafting on private accounts, call it Welfare + IRAs, but don't call it Social Security. Oh, sorry, that's not a question. Which part do you expect your Republican Congress to eventually drop, the Welfare for those poor people (read, "freeloaders" and "cheats") or the Private Accounts for themselves and their friends (i.e., "The Ownership Society" MEMBERS ONLY)?"

And, finally, isn't the only question that should be asked about Iraq

"How can you sleep at night?"

I watched the whole news conference with my son last night (even though it is TV Turnoff Week) and I really can't decide whether I'm more upset at the Empire's Chief Cheerleader behind the podium, or the straight A students in their good clothes giving him their respect and attention.

I want disrespect. Unshined shoes. Talking out of turn. Open collars. Spitballs. Note passing. A healthy lack of awe for "the office".

True Blue Liberal

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mycroftdavis said...

Yes, well, keep in mind that the (cough) "liberal" media is corporate controlled, and therefore un-invested in actually challenging the status quo. I have become convinced that real journalism is actively discouraged, and not just by Fox (right wing mouthpieces pretending to be) News. I say we put John Stewart in charge of a news network.