Wednesday, April 13, 2005

How the Republican Asbury Park Press buries the party affiliation of one of its own

Marlboro, New Jersey is former farmland that has metastasized into just another cancerous suburban factory for McMansions® and McMansionettes© in developments with generic names like Pleasant Valley Estates, Castle Point, Sterling Woods, and Fucking Eyesores. Its mayor (shock) has just admitted, in the face of overwhelming evidence, to having his hand in the developer's cookie jar.
Though it's obvious from his actions that Mayor Scannapieco is a Republican, the Asbury Park Press (WHICH WILL NEVER BE FORGIVEN BY TBL FOR ENDORSING THE CURRENT PRESIDENT IN 2004) buried this piece of information far from the front page headlines. If he were a Democrat, they would have had front page pictures of him shaking hands with Jon Corzine and Jim McGreevey.

Local newspapers (especially these Gannett papers), with their local boosterism and lite news, are the only supplement many Americans have to their Fox News. When the local GOP (rhymes with slop) is running amuck as it currently is in Monmouth County New Jersey and in many other places in the country, it should be held to account. It's not a case of a few bad apples falling from the tree. The tree is rotten in its roots, and in its "heart".

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