Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Proud American Presidents Standing Up and Taking Responsibility

"To the extent the federal government didn't fully do its job right, I take responsibility"
-- The 43rd President of the United States comments on Hurricane Katrina, 13 September 2005

"To the extent that this axe contributed, along with gravity and age, to fell this cherry tree, I take responsibility."
-- Famous childhood saying of the 1st President of the United States

"The Portion of the Buck For Which the President is Responsible (which, in a Ownership Society of Entrepreneurship and Small Government and Local Control, is negligible) Stops Here"
-- Oval Office Desk Plaque of the 33rd President of the United States (as clarified by the current resident of that office)


DBK said...

Yeah, it is kind of cute, isn't it? "I kind of take responsibility for what might be deemed the fault of other people." He couldn't have performed a more cravenly, cynical, and insincere taking of responsibility. If he could have, he would have.

Anonymous said...

It's going to work. Bush will look into a camera with black velvet painting sincerity and perform a carefully legalistic mea culpa, and on-the-fence Americans will go misty-eyed and forgive. It will happen. Trust me on this.

alan s said...

Clinton added to your list TBL. This is no longer the Whitehouse it's the Best Little Whorehouse I want it to be. Bj's for everyone in the WhiteHouse that's why they call it that. I did not have sex with that woman I only laid my seed all over her dress. JFK charged 50 dollars for that service. He was a fine Liberal President.

True Blue Liberal said...

Dear Alan, Nice try, but to keep with the theme of the parody you need to continue the parallelisms. Try:
"To the extent that DNA tests prove a link between that semen stain and the President, I take responsility for Ms Lewinsky's dry cleaning bill."
Maybe the current resident of the White House would handle the pressures of the office a little better if he had a little extracurricular sexual activity too.

Anonymous said...

You have to hate a guy who says "I told you so." But I believe the little scenario I laid out above actually came true tonight. Bush's poll numbers are going to be up a lot tomorrow. He seems to have totally won the war of words about the culpability of state and local authorities.

What's interesting was that this is the most conservative president in my lifetime going on television to say the recovery is government's job -- well, the army's anyway. And isn't it nice to know government still has one, Mr. Norquist?

Point is...how's he supposed to take this on without making his conservative base feel buggered? Not that I care.